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  For the tens of thousands of young people from Central America trying to enter the U.S. illegally, the trip north is fraught with hardship and danger.

Ricardo Reyes, a 16-year-old Honduran student, lost his leg trying to get into the United States.

And eight-year-old Jonquil Ramirez Ramos went missing after he was sent to America.

Two cautionary tales about the dangers young migrants face as they make the arduous month-long trip through Mexico to the U.S. border, often short on food and always hiding from authorities.

Reyes traveled alone, hoping to make money for his family once he arrived in America.

(via Young Migrants From Central America Risk Life and Limb to Get to US)

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After a long flight through deep space, a European Space Agency probe is finally approaching its target – a comet millions of kilometers away from earth.  Scientists say the mission may lead to some startling discoveries about the origins of the water on earth.

Ten years ago, a European Space Agency rocket took off with a spacecraft called Rosetta, on a mission to perform the most detailed study of a comet.

While asteroids are large rocks, almost like small planets,  comets are mostly made of ice, says Ralph Cordey, the business manager for Airbus Defense and Space, which built the Rosetta spacecraft.

“We know today that our Earth has a great deal of water on it, we don’t know exactly where it came from and it’s likely that comets had a lot to do with that process,” said Cordey.

(via ESA Spacecraft to Land on a Comet)

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